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Conductor Bob Kennedy


London Concert Band 2016-2017 Schedule



Tuesday December 13th Concert

Concert as much a dance as not

What would happen should a king’s gold be stolen by the impoverished mother of a crippled child? Pandemonium, to say the least. But if the theft were to result in the child’s being able to dance, what then? Does the crime deserve punishment or redemption?

That’s the core of a story told through music to be performed by the London Concert Band during its upcoming Christmas concert. But there’s more. Aptly named Christmas Capers, this concert’s program is as much about dancing as it is story telling via festive music.

Band conductor, Robert Kennedy, says dancing is at the heart of a celebration. “In all ceremonies, the dance is an essential part and Christmas is no exception. ‘Cutting a caper’ is to leap, skip and prance, originally to the sound of a timbrel or tambourine.” Mr. Kennedy says the band will provide much more than a simple beat to set the tone and to get the mood right.

The concert program ranges from gospel to medieval, mambos and marches; from a fanfare to a hoedown. There’s also sassy pop and cool swing and, of course, Christmas carols. Shepherd’s Dance from the opera, Amahl and the Night Visitors, along with the beautifully abstract Winter Rhapsody, are signature pieces to slow the toe tapping and two stepping and to catch some breath until the capering resumes.

If your Christmas wish is to get some spring in your step and brighten the season, the London Concert Band sounds the start of Christmas Capers at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, December 13 at A.B.Lucas Secondary School, 656 Tennent Street, London. Admission is $10, $5 for students and free to children under 10. Tickets are available from Long & McQuade, Music Aid, at the door, or at 519 433-3385.