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London Concert Band

Started some 40-plus years ago under the direction of nationally renowned bandmaster and London music legend, Martin Boundy, the London Concert Band has grown steadily over the years to now some 60-plus members. Over that time it has brought wonderful music and entertainment to thousands of appreciative audience members. The band is composed of players in ages from seven decades who come from various walks of life and career areas.

Many of the band members have extensive playing experience; several have been music educators. They are and have been members of other performance groups and civic ensembles, as well as university, high school and military bands. Players have continued making music throughout their adult lives or have resumed their earlier interest, much to the enjoyment of audiences. Each Tuesday evening from September through to May, the band’s members gather to rehearse, eager to learn new music and to share their enthusiasm with the public in half a dozen concerts throughout the year.

The current leader of this community band is Robert Kennedy, clarinetist and music educator in London. This year is Bob’s 13th season on the podium. In that time, Bob has expanded the repertoire of the band so that it covers a wide range of sources and styles. These include “pops”, orchestral arrangements, original compositions, Broadway musicals, film scores and new and unique arrangements of familiar jazz and swing music, as well as traditional marches. More recently, Bob has introduced guest performances of instrumental and vocal musicians into concert programs.

The goal of the London Concert Band is to undertake the best arrangements and original works and to perform each in a positive and cooperative spirit, all in good humor.


Joining London Concert Band

The Band rehearses Tuesday evenings (7:15 to 9:30 p.m.) from September to June, at A.B. Lucas Secondary School (Adelaide St. N./Fanshawe Park Rd. area). Annual fees are $90.00 ($35.00 for students).


Woodwinds / Brass
Scales - Concert C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db. Three will be two octaves plus chromatic.
Play "O Canada" from memory in the key of your choice.

Keyboard scales as above or
Snare - roll and three rudiments played from "open" to "closed" position.

All auditions to be pre-arranged on Tuesday evening before rehearsal at 6.30pm at Lucas S. S. Contact conductor R Kennedy ar 519-439-4757