Vintage Virtuosos 2012 Program

Semifinalists, Vintage Virtuosos 2012, auditioned at Aeolian Hall on January 7, 2012

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Photographs courtesy Joseph Samuels (

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Betty Gloude Charles Wilde Donnafey Milton Donnie Margaret McKenna Gayle R Attwell-Johnston
Betty Gloude Charles Wilde Donnafaye Milton Donnie Margaret McKenna Gayle R Attwell Johnston
Gene Corless Karen Osaka John Thompson Olie Marcoux
Gene Corless Karen Osoka Margitta Ossenkopp John Thompson Ollie Marcoux
Richard Marcel Mike Toll Bob Kennedy Adjudicators
Marcel Richard Mike Toll Bob Kennedy Conductor & Adjudicator Adjudicators


Over 60 - Margitta Ossenkopp (oboe)
Over 70 - George Quinn (vocal)
Over 80 - Charles Wilde (vocal)
Unusual category - Marcel Richard (button accordeon)